Foundation of the initiative
Stop 'The War Against Terror'

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Stop 'The War Against Terror' (Stop Terrorkrigen) is an initiative comprising a number of organisations and individuals

No to Danish Military Participation
No to Racism and Racial hatred
Invest in Life and Caring - not Killing
Fight World Poverty - not the Worlds' Poor
For Global Justice

Foundation of the initiative

"The War against Terror" is not waged to exterminate terrorism, but with the purpose that the United States of America can ensure its global positions. The first victim of this war was Afghanistan - now it is spreading to other parts of the world.

The war waged by the US and its allies undermines an already fragile world order. The consequences might be a major war, involving several nuclear powers, threatening civilians all over the world.

War will not prevent terrorist acts in the future, but rather lead to an increase of such acts. Don't let futile retaliation lead to global war. Don't let racism and intolerance spread in the wake of war.

Instead we call for reconsideration, the upholding of international law, and peaceful resolution.

We demand that the Danish government and parliament breaks away from 'the war against terror' - and the socalled antiterrorist legislation.
We choose democratic rights, the right of nations for self determination and sovereignty, and a fairer distribution of the world's wealth.

War and the war industry is financed by ordinary people at the expense of the social budgets and jobs.
We choose peace and security - basic human rights for all.


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Kontakt e-mail: stopterrorkrigen@ofir.dk