The world coalition
against war

Joint press statement of the organisers of the global demonstrations on February 15th 2003

Danish version

On the 15 of February there will be the greatest global day of action against war in world history. There will be mass demonstrations in hundreds of cities and in the capitals of at least 60 countries, from Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia to Rhamalah in Palestine and Tel Aviv in Israel, from Seoul in South Korea to the USA, in all the countries of Europe and in many of South America.

The stream that started in Florence in November 2002 has become a growing river channeling the dissent of the people. The progress went to the Cairo conference (which spread it beyond Europe and the U.S.) to Jan. 18 (demos in 38 countries) to the WSF in Porto Alegre, so that now great areas of Africa and Latin America and more of Asia is involved. The majority of people in most countries of the world oppose this war and it is predicted in many countries that the demonstrations on February 15 will be the biggest there have ever been.

On February 15, we will send a message to Bush and his allies that the war on Iraq cannot be waged in the name of the people anywhere in the world. The thousands of organizations around the world that are mobilized for February 15 are putting pressure on their representatives and governments to prevent their participation in this 'preventive war'. Thousands of men and women of all ages will be killed directly by an attack on Iraq and and by the lack of food, water and sanitation that will result. In the world there will be fear of retaliatory attacks and in the West there will be risks of rising racist attacks against arabs and muslims. It will make the world a more dangerous place.

Even if the US secures a second 'war' resolution from the UN we will continue The reasons of the war are to enforce an order of the world which is condemned by lack of freedom, of autodermination, of sovereignty on alimentary, biological and primary resources, which discriminates races, sexes and differences in culture.

We work towards a new and peaceful world were antique and new colonization have disappeared.
We thereby urge you to oppose this war and to show that you are part of a world citizenry that stands for peace by marching with us on February 15 and continuing the resistance to this war afterwards.

Wherever you are in this world, you will find somebody to march with, to resist with, for peace.

The world coalition against war
12. februar 2003